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Video: Twitter rolls out the edit button, everything you need to know about the button


Twitter rolls out the edit button: The unveiling of the edit button function, which is now accessible to paying customers in the United States, has delighted Twitter users.

For years, users have cried out for an edit button so they could go back and correct typos and other mistakes in their posts before sharing them with their followers.

Twitter rolls out the edit button

The social media giant stated in a blog post for the business that they first tested the edit button internally on September 1 before making it available to paying customers later that same month. According to the blog post, the business first only tested the edit tool in one nation before expanding it as it acquired more data and saw how users interacted with it.


Editing tweets is finally happening. Some details: ⚫️ It’s in beta now for Twitter Blue subs, rolling out ⚫️ There’s a 30-minute window, in which you can edit a few times ⚫️ Edit history is shown, including the engagement for each version of the tweet I love this.

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I’ve already seen a bunch of edited tweets on my timeline. The key has been to look for a little pencil icon on tweets in your feed or in the tweets themselves. If you want to see an edit history, click on a tweet and then on the pencil. Tweets can be edited up to five times and only 30 minutes after someone has posted the tweet. See it for yourself in this tweet from MKBHD.

Twitter rolls out the edit button

Twitter rolls out the edit button: What is the Twitter edit feature?

Edit Tweet is a feature that allows users to make changes to their posts after publishing them on the platform. The edit button is a way to fix typos, add missed tags, and make additional adjustments to your post in a short time.

Twitter says tweets can be edited a few times in the 30 minutes after a post is published. The edited tweet will appear with an icon, timestamp, and label so readers know that the original tweet is adjusted, according to the company’s website. 

How is the edit button different from the undo tweet feature?

The main difference between undo tweet and an edit tweet is when a user adjusts a tweet. According to Twitter, undoing tweets lets users preview and change tweets before sharing them. Edit tweet allows users to update a tweet after publishing it.

Who can see edited tweets?

Twitter explains on its website that everybody can see the edited label on an updated tweet, and everyone can click on the edited tweet to view any previously published tweets.

Can users report an edited tweet for abusive behavior?

Twitter says users can report abuse in an edited tweet the same way they can with a regular tweet.

Twitter Circle launches

Last month, Twitter announced the launch of Twitter Circle, a new feature that lets users tweet to smaller crowds.

The company said the function gives people the option to choose who can view and engage with their posts. According to Twitter, this makes it convenient for users to have “more intimate” conversations and build closer connections with select followers.

Twitter began testing the feature in May and it’s now available to all users on iOS, Android, and Twitter.com.

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