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Time With The Nurses – McDan Kofi Dankwa


Time With The Nurses: I was inspired and motivated to come up with beautiful project or show due to how St. Joseph Hospital at Nkwanta in the Oti Region received me and gave me one of the coolest reception, especially the surgical ward.

I doubted most nurses and their capabilities in regards to their work but until the time came for me to spend close to 3 months with them at the hospital. They were then my family and the hospital became a home.

I had to spend close to 3 months at the St Joseph Hospital after being diagnosed with Appendicitis, it was a very difficult time for me because I was admitted just a day after my birthday and knowing very well that I was going to spend the Christmas and the New Year at the hospital.

Some people had their easy but mine was a story I will always share with people who think all is lost on their side and will go ahead to tell that story to my kids someday. Appendicitis with lots of complications but I had this group of nurses and doctors who always stood by me to keep my faith alive. God was actually working through them. Any night I go to bed I make sure I say a word of prayer for them.

I had an encounter with several nurses both male and females. God bless Dr. Makafui, the angel that God sent to me the very day I need help the most, God bless Dr. Goka as well and that Dr. who sits beside you when the surgery is being done (His a bit fat). It’s rather unfortunate I forgot his name. Hahaaa.

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A big thank you to all nurses at the surgical ward. P.A Atsu, Ms Ethel, Ms Aseye, Ms Vic, Ms Gladys, Ms Mary, Ms Erica, Mr Gafaru, Mr Solo and the Head of the surgical ward (IC).

But hey, there is something special about the people who works at the hospital being it the nurses or the doctors, to some extent even the cleaners there.

I believe you would like to know that special thing about them..join me as we engage and interact with them, maybe we can both discover that special thing them together.

Let’s talk to the Nurses, they are our friends and should be our close friends.

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