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Quick And Simple Tips for Better iPhone Photos


Simple Tips for Better iPhone Photos. The iPhone can capture some beautiful images, but with a few easy tweaks, you can improve them even more.

Simple Tips for Better iPhone Photos
Simple Tips for Better iPhone Photos

The good news is that these suggestions are quick and easy to implement; there’s no need to master complicated photographic techniques or invest in new equipment.

Clean the camera lenses first

This lens picks up dirt and filth rapidly and readily, which might have a detrimental impact on your images, rendering them soft and fuzzy.

You’ll notice an instant improvement if you wash the lens with a soft cloth before shooting essential shots.

Lens Flares are caused by shooting into the sun.

It’s a result of the iPhone’s flat lenses. It’s a matter of physics. You can use them in one of two ways:

  • Shooting into the sun is not a good idea.
  • Play around with the flares’ position to make them appear more dramatic.

Keep the camera steady

The results will be poor if your camera is flopping around all over the place. And things will get considerably worse at night. When shooting shots, I find it helpful to brace my elbows on my rib cage.

For advanced lessons click the below link.

continue >>> Simple Tips for Better iPhone Photos

Take many photos

Take a lot of shots, not just one. Change your position, walk around a little, and see if anybody else moves into a better position.

Don’t be scared to take a lot of pictures!

Edit your images

What the camera records may or may not be what you observed or wanted to capture. Return to the photo, choose Edit and experiment with the options (this is the quickest and easiest way to understand what they do).


Want to get better at photography? Take more photos! 

That’s the best way to get better. 

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