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E-levy approved: why are Ghanaians switching to the Vodafone network? #FreeOnVodafoneCash


Why are Ghanaians switching to the Vodafone network: Following the E-levy approval announcement, a significant number of Ghanaians have begun to transfer from their present networks to Vodafone Ghana.

Mobile money users commended Vodafone on social media, particularly on Twitter, for waiving telecom costs on transfers to any other network.

Will Vodafone charge it users?

With the implementation of the E-levy, Vodafone Cash users will only be charged 1.5 percent instead of the usual 2.5 percent by other networks for any sum above GHC 100. When the E-levy is applied, Vodafone customers will still have the lowest mobile money transfer prices in Ghana.

Vodafone new charges

Earlier today, they released a tweet saying: Forget the charges! Send money for FREE to all networks on Vodafone Cash. Now is the time to dial *110# and start transferring money for free!

Also, all Vodafone users were informed about the changes yet to take effect on their charges and further information will be sent across soon.

why are Ghanaians switching to the Vodafone network?
why are Ghanaians switching to the Vodafone network

Last year, Vodafone Ghana took the extraordinary step of waiving all costs on any amount of money sent from Vodafone Cash to all other networks, in order to relieve consumers of financial strain.

Apart from dramatically decreasing customer financial burdens, Vodafone’s free mobile money transfers have increased patronage by making the service more acceptable to regular Ghanaians.

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Vodafone Cash has made a reputation for itself in terms of product development. Its free transfer service has received several accolades, including Product of the Year at the CIMG Excellence Awards in 2021. Over the years, Vodafone Cash has demonstrated that its mobile money infrastructure is reliable and secure.

Customers who have not yet signed up for the service can do so by dialing *558#. Non-Vodafone clients can register with a valid Ghana Card and transfer their current number or purchase a SIM card from any Vodafone Agent or Retail Shop.

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