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Ghana Host FTX Africa Blockchain Summit. Discusses Blockchain technology and its adoption.


Ghana Host FTX Africa Blockchain Summit. Over the weekend, FTX Africa hit a milestone in Ghana with its maiden edition of FTX Ghana Blockchain Summit.

The summit was organized by FTX Africa, the world’s second-largest crypto exchange by volume, and took place on October 29, 2022, at the UPSA Auditorium. The event was aimed at showcasing the evolving technology of blockchain and brought together over 1,000 students, agencies, entertainers, tech groups, crypto communities, corporations, and industry professionals.

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In his keynote speech, Mr. Adebayo Juwon, FTX Africa’s business development manager shed insight on FTX as being one of the most licensed crypto exchanges in the world with licenses in the US, Japan, Australia, Europe, and the United Arab Emirates. “In less than three years, FTX has obtained a valuation of $32 billion and has over six million registered users in 200 countries across the world” He added.

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Participants were guided on how to deposit via mobile money into their FTX app to trade any of the over 250+ crypto assets and stocks on the FTX platform. This session was led by A.D.M. Heartwill, the FTX Africa business development representative in Ghana. He demonstrated how users can complete identity verification and deposit Ghana Cedis into their accounts to purchase various assets on the FTX app as well as convert their assets to cedis and withdraw. 

Ras Abdulai Seidu, a market analyst and business improvement manager at Coinance shared with participants on the evolution of the internet. He gave data from previous years on what people consumed on the internet, the development of the internet from Web 1.0 to Web 3.0, and opined how these developmental stages of the internet interface with blockchain technology adoption and social networking.

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FTX Ambassador, Mr. Prince Anim Baffour delighted many participants as he distributed cash prize and FTX merchandise. 

Mr. Victor Asemoto, a retired investor joined the conversation via zoom where he spoke about the future of blockchain and cryptocurrencies in Africa. 

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Mr Asemota added that Ghana has consistently been ranked as one of the nations with the best economic growth rates in Africa. However, new discoveries and fresh approaches are required if progress is to be sustained. “Leaders at all levels are constantly interested in new technologies that may lead to groundbreaking growth and development, and Ghana is likewise undergoing a complete national digital transformation should we embrace the future of blockchain technology in our economy” he opined. 

At the end of the session, there was a roundtable discussion where panelists answered questions from the audience regarding crypto regulations in Ghana and career opportunities within the space. Panelists shared relevant skills that would help them actively participate in the space. 

Mr. Prince Adu-Afful, CEO of Sylprin Limited concluded the summit and shared that although crypto is not a holy grail, there is an opportunity for those seeking to engage it to build sustainable wealth for themselves and advise participants to pay attention to the space while ensuring to also develop their investment acumen in the space. 

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This was a highly attended event and participants called for more of such dialogue in order to foster the growth of the ecosystem here in Ghana. 

To sign up on FTX, use the link below:


To learn more about FTX visit www.FTX.com  

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