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Ghana has no laws governing pricing.


Ghana has no laws governing pricing: According to Kweku Attakora Dwomoh, a private attorney and lecturer at the UPSA Law School, there is no law that governs the cost of goods in the nation.

He claims that demand and supply have been allowed to determine pricing.

He claimed that no law currently regulates prices, according to the Sales of Goods Act.

In an interview that aired on JoyNews’ The Law on Sunday, he claimed that the lack of regulation forces sellers to charge exorbitant prices for their goods.

Ghana has no laws governing pricing.

He continued by pointing out that in other countries, like the United Kingdom (UK), consumer protection laws exist to safeguard consumers and prevent sellers from abusing them. However, the same cannot be said of Ghana. He said no laws protect consumers in the country.

“If I walk into a shop and then you tell me that the good is one million, all I can do is walk away, but there is nothing to protect me to say that no, by selling this for one million I am being taken advantage of in the market,” he said.

For this reason, he called on the government to put in place a consumer protection Act to protect consumers from the arbitrariness of traders.

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