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The truth sometimes makes one small
So they hide it to protect us from downfall
I’d rather fall flat and crawl
Than blindly stand tall
An ignorant snob would appall
So I’m counting on your call
I wait on your letters apostle Paul
The good the bad, write it all
Tell me I deserve a grand overhaul
I plead with you to show it all
Be my mirror on the wall

They say life is a race
So it is what’s ahead i chase
If I look behind I can’t keep my pace
Let it stay hidden but never erase
Whatever happens behind stays
So that in another lap I may trace
Be my mirror, show me my face
And forget about my back case

The body is the Lord’s temple
Why I will not watch the skin crimple
I want to clear every scar or pimple
I want to wear a smile and a dimple.
With a just judge, this will be simple
Be my mirror, be my beauty symbol

Paakwesi Natty
Creative writer, general good advocate. Educating, Putting smiles on faces, creating a better world through writing.

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